Along with a right-click, you can own a lot more in Gmail shortly.

The option is longer from 3 to 12 choices.

Today, the right-click in gmail aanmaken Op iphone is only possible to archive, read/unread, or perhaps delete an email. But Google announced on Monday that the correct computer mouse menu is being extended substantially.

The perfect mouse button enables you to have virtually the whole selection of choices. For instance, to advance mails to another folder, a label could be assigned, mails could be' mute', forwarded, addressed, and of course always be archived or maybe removed. You can in addition have access to each mails from the sender by an individual click or even widen the mail while in the latest window.

The update is going to be rolled out to other Gmail owners in the coming weeks. No later on compared to twenty five February, everyone needs to have the brand new opportunity.